You Independence Day cookout will cost more this year


The average price for your 4th of July cookout has increased from last year. Louisiana Farm Bureau spokesperson Avery Davidson says while nationally the average price for a party of 10 dropped three percent, the average price in the southern region, which runs from Texas to up to South Carolina, is up about $2.00 to $66.43.

“That’s because we pay just a little bit more for some things here in the south, especially things like beef, dairy products, that normally you’ll see a little bit lower towards the Midwest and other parts of the country,” said Davidson.

Last year Davidson says was the highest-ever market basket average in the American Farm Bureau’s 10-year history of the survey.

“And last year was actually the highest that they’ve ever done so they’re seeing it come down across the country, here in the South we can expect to pay just a little more,” said Davidson.

Among the cookout items with sizable increases from last year, Davidson said are potato salad, up five percent, and hamburger buns up seventeen percent to $2.26 per package.

“So that’s where you’re going to start to see a little bit of that pinch there, nationwide. Again, here in the South, we tend to pay a little bit more for our beef and dairy products,” said Davidson.



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