Zac Efron has a May-December romance with Nicole Kidman in trailer to Netflixs A Family Affair


A new trailer shows a single mom who ends up falling for a famous younger man. No, it’s not The Idea of You, but Netflix’s A Family Affair is a similar idea.

In this case, Nicole Kidman‘s Brooke is the older woman in question, who falls for superstar actor Chris Cole, played by Zac Efron. Complicating matters, her daughter Zara, played by Joey King, happens to be the star’s personal assistant.

“This is madness, right?” she asks a friend.

“This is your mom, and your boss, who you hate. This is weird,” her pal responds.

Making it weirder, she catches mom and her boss in the act — and spins so fast to leave the bedroom she knocks herself out on the doorframe.

Zara says the “self-absorbed” star is “going to hurt her, and I will have to kill him.”

“I’m scared,” Kidman’s character confides in her mom, played by Kathy Bates.

“It’s OK. You get to ask yourself, ‘Who was I before I was everything to everybody else?"” she replies.

Zara, meanwhile, is less sympathetic, telling the couple, “This gross sexcapade thing, it’s over!”

The movie the trailer teases as a “love story for everyone and their mother” hits the streaming service on June 28.

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