On Air Sponsorships


Sponsoring an on-air contest or program with Red Peach Radio can grant you exposure to a new audience and align your brand with certain causes, values, and beliefs.

Instead of a traditional commercial break, your business is branded within station programming by providing benefits (prizes) to our listeners. If your business sponsors a contest, you’ll have the opportunity to get your products or services into the hands of our listeners. From gift cards to oil changes, to free samples. Getting your product or service into the hands of consumers is a great way to build customer loyalty.  It’s easy when you sponsor an on-air contest.

We use appointment listening on our radio stations, so our listeners know exactly when a contest will be run. They associate those contests with fun and winning. By sponsoring an on-air contest, your business will be branded every time the station plays that particular contest. It’s an interactive way to get your business in front of our listeners that doesn’t even seem like advertising.

We also list and promote our contests and on-air sponsorships on our station websites and promote them on our social media pages, which reach thousands of our loyal listeners every day. Many times, we mention the sponsor by name when we promote the on-air contest.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your on-air sponsorship today.